Problem solving

Problem solving

An individual’s capacity to engage in cognitive processing to understand and resolve problem situations where a method of solution is not immediately obvious. It includes the willingness to engage with such situations in order to achieve one’s potential as a constructive and reflective citizen” (OECD, 2014)

Entrepreneurship competence

The ability to judge and identify one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Digital Competence

5 Problem solving / 5.4 Identifying digital competence gaps
  • To understand where one’s own digital competence needs to be improved or updated.
  • To be able to support others with their digital competence development.
  • To seek opportunities for self-development and to keep up-to-date with the digital evolution.


Task A

Choose one between these “Examples of use”
  • 01 Employment Scenario: Use of a digital learning platform to improve my career opportunities
  • 02 Learning Scenario: Use of a digital learning platform to improve my language skills
Write a descriprition linked to your proficiency level.


Task B

Write a task for your students or members of your work team
  • 01 Employment Scenario:…
  • 02 Learning Scenario:…